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Happy Hollow Designs' patterns, embellishments & store samples are sold world wide through a network of stores just like yours. We ship in 24 hours (peak season 72 hrs).
Our friendly staff members are always happy to help and are here to support YOU.
After conducting business for over 25 years and listening to thousands of store owners just like you, we know what's important to make you successful. Our dealer support programs include:

                                                           $44 Free Patterns w/Store Sample Purchase
                                                           Free Ornament Store Sample Program
                                                           Technical Support for Classes
                                                           Digital Fabric Samples
                                                           Consumer Store Referral          
                                                           Digital Art & Media Support
                                                           Grand Opening & Guild Donations
Our current year's products are not posted on this public site because we give you, our customer, the exclusive on all new products for one year. However, these products are available for your viewing pleasure in our print catalog. Please e-mail, fax, or call us today and one will be rushed to you.
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THANK YOU for giving us the opportunity to serve you over many years. Our mutual love of handcrafts and the creative industry is the inspiration that washes the dust from everyday life. 

     1. Call us at 785-356-2313
     2. Place a minimum $50 order of 3 per item.
     3. Open shipment, display finished samples and sell.

Wholesale Account
Tamara R. Carlson
Designer & Founder

Digital Fabric Store Samples
For over 20 years we have provided more than 3,000 finished samples each year to stores. However, with the aging of our ladies that make them and the rise in demand from busy store owners, we were faced with a production challenge. In 2015 we came up with the solution to continue providing finished store samples...digital fabric. We approached this monumental change by calling on the experts in the digital world. We purchased a large format digital fabric printer on the first day of its debut. We then flew in an expert color profiler, the same expert that wrote color profiles for Thomas Kinkaid the "painter of light". After a steep, one year learning curve with our new technologies, we are now able to bring you the highest quality digital fabric samples. Samples are still made of fabric, still quilted on our longarm quilting machine, still hand finished and still embellished by hand. In addition, due to the reduction of hand labor, we were able to lower sample pricing by over 30% and pass those savings on to you. As you know, store samples increase sales 10-12 times over and we give you $44 in free patterns so you can't lose. We have found when these samples are hung in the store no one even realizes the base fabric is digital. What is noticeable now, is that they are EXACTLY as pictured on the patterns and EXACTLY as Designer Tammy Carlson intended them to be...because they are hers!!